Home Inspector Exam Study Guide
The Home Inspector Exam Study Guide. Our Guide will show you how to pass the Home Inspector?s Exam, using our easy step-by-step Home Inspector Exam Study Guide, without weeks and months of endless studying.

How would you like to pass the National Home Inspector Exam in just one take?

Inside This Letter You Will Get A Glimpse Into The Exciting Life Of A Home Inspector ...and How You Too Could Be Living This Exciting Life Soon...

Dear Future Home Inspector,

If you have taken this test before and have failed it, you might be saying "Yeah, right!" And that's true: The home inspector test is difficult. In fact, many prospective home inspectors have plunged to the depths in this crucial step towards the fulfillment of their dreams.

In many cases, the cause of their problem is not the lack of motivation. We understand the drive and sacrifice many of you have put into your studies just to be able to get this far. The reason why so many motivated wannabe inspectors fail the Home Inspector Test is because they were not able to condense all the necessary information they have learned from their course and integrate it into one cohesive whole. Don't let this happen to you!

Our National Home Inspector Exam Study Guide is the solution you need to pass the exam and zap your way to a very promising career as a home inspector.

Before we tell you more about our Home Inspector Exam Study Guide, answer the following questions first:

Do you want to pay $225 for the National Home Inspector Examination Fee only to fail the test?

Do you want to waste precious time staring at test questions you have not studied before which you believe should not be part of the exam?

Do you want to fail the Home Inspector Examination and postpone your dream of putting up your own business and practicing your chosen career?

Obviously not! You want to pass the National Home Inspector Examination in one take so that you can get your license, start your home inspection business and make it big in one of the fastest-growing industries today.

We know this is what you want to happen and we have exactly what you need. The Internet Training Products, Inc. National Home Inspector Exam Study Guide is designed to make you pass the exam. It is a comprehensive guide that will teach you everything you need to know about the contents of the National Home Inspector test-including the topics that are not really required when you do actual inspection jobs such as New Construction and Code. And unfortunately, this is where many aspiring home inspectors fail.

With our National Home Inspector Exam Study Guide, you will get a painstakingly prepared reviewer from the industry experts. Some of the topics included in this study guide are the following:

I.Inspection Methods which include Sensory Observation, Measurement Methods and others of Exterior, Structural, Roofing, Electrical, Heating and Cooling, Insulating and Ventilation, Plumbing, Interior and Fireplace and Chimney systems.

II. Building Systems which include how to identify and inspect site conditions, building exterior components, structural system elements, electrical system elements, cooling systems, heating systems, insulation and attic/crawl space ventilation systems, plumbing systems, interior components, fireplace and chimney systems, permanently installed kitchen appliances and lawn irrigation systems and compare this vis-à-vis the safe standards mandated by law today. The guide will discuss in detail the maintenance issues and long- term safety that can affect the occupants of the house or building.

III. Analysis and Reporting in the inspection report to inform clients of the components inspected and the methods used to inspect these. These include but are not limited to property data, construction materials and safety hazards.

IV. Professional Practice which covers business operations and the scope of the written contract like its purpose, elements, timing, accepted standards and dispute resolutions options. Conflicts of interest, fundamental legal concepts, financial protection and accepted ethical and professional standards.

V. New Construction and Code topics that usually comprise a third of exam questions

So you might be wondering how much you will be paying for such a tremendous product. Read on and you'll be surprised at the value you'll be getting.

If you order our Home Inspector Exam Study Guide, you get tremendous value because it only costs $49.95 but if you order it online, we slash $10 off the price, so you get a comprehensive reviewer for only $39.95! That's a little price to pay for a guide that works to make you pass the exam in one go and start your own home inspection business that allows you to set your own hours, do what you love to do and even better, make you earn as much as $80,000 a year!

But here's another reason why paying $39.95 is for our comprehensive guide is the best decision you will ever make: The National Home Inspector Examination fee is $225 per test. With inferior guides or preparing for the exam with no guide at all, that's $225 down the drain! Imagine going through the whole process again and paying the same amount? For $39.95, you get a study guide that covers all the important points for the National Home Inspector Examination. For as long as you study it and use it, you save a whole lot of dollars when you pass the exam with just one take!

Our Home Inspector Exam Study Guide comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you are not fully satisfied with our product, just drop us an email within 60 days and we will refund your money, no questions asked. No frills, no hassles, no questions asked.

But we're not done yet.

Every order of our Home Inspector Exam Study Guide comes with a Free Software and a Resource Kit to help you start your business. This includes Business Calculators, Ready-Made Business Forms and Sample Business Plans.

Why Should You Order the study guide now?

For as long as the testing center you select is open and you have registered in advance, the National Home Inspector Examination can be taken anytime. Thus, the earlier you take and pass it, the sooner you can get started on your new career as a home inspector. For only $39.95, you get a readable and easy-to-follow study guide that will help you reach your dreams in a short period of time. Remember that the home inspection industry is new and thriving. The earlier you get there, the bigger chunk of the market you are most likely to conquer. That all starts with passing the Home Inspector Exam and you can only do that with our Home Inspector Exam Study Guide.

Many aspiring home inspectors have been in your situation.

They wasted a lot of money purchasing inferior study guides that did not produce the ultimate result they wanted-that of passing the National Home Inspector Examination. In addition to the cost of the guide, they wasted $225 on the exam fee which had to be given per test. Unsure if the guide they purchased will work for them, they go into the exam full of trepidation. In many cases, inadequate preparation coupled with fear produced failure.

They couldn't pass their exams and as a result could not start their own home inspector business or work for an established company that will give them steady and regular income-income that they can use for themselves or their families. One frustration led to another until that turned to anger and hopelessness.

This led a lot of them to do a comprehensive search on the best but most affordable home inspector study guides in the market. And thankfully, Internet Training Products, Inc. was also on the road to providing many potential home inspectors with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen field.

The mission of Internet Training Products, Inc. based in Georgia and South Carolina is "To Help Improve The Lives Of Our Customers By Offering The Best Training Materials Necessary For Skill Development and Career Advancement." And this is enshrined in every study guide we release to the market. The Home Inspector Study Guide is no exception.

The core value of our educational publishing company is to create products that are well-researched, well-written and regularly updated to ensure that you succeed in your chosen field. Your success is our success and because we take pride in ensuring that you succeed in your endeavor, we are sharing our expertise with you through our study guides.

Our Home Inspector Exam Study Guide will help you accomplish these things:

  1. It will help you prepare for the National Home Inspector Examination in the shortest time possible by giving you the concepts in a clear and readily-understandable manner.
  2. You will get a comprehensive discussion of the most important concepts that will be included in the exam, including a discussion of the unexpected questions on new construction and code that is the bane of many test-takers.
  3. It will help you pass the exam-provided that you use the guide.
Once you have passed the National Home Inspector Examination, you will become legally-certified to embark on a new career as a home inspector in your state.

You can start your own home business and with the determination, drive and hard work, you get the chance to make it grow and earn as much as $80,000 annually. You can also work for already- established companies, if you so desire, so you can gain experience and later on venture out on your own.

In a nutshell, passing the home inspector test changes your life-for the better.

When you pass the test, you get the chance to put your entrepreneurial skills in an exciting and relatively young segment of the real estate market. And because you have chosen the career of a home inspector, you get to do field work as you inspect homes and give valuable insight and feedback to prospective home owners looking to make one of the most expensive investments in their life-that of buying their own home. You are able to interact with clients and provide advice.

But it's not all field work. You get to prepare reports of your inspection and manage the day-to-day aspects of running a business. You work your own hours while earning a decent income as well.

The most fulfilling part of the job is not all in the monetary aspect-although the rewards are substantial when you manage your business right-but the chance to become an instrumental part of the most important decision prospective home buyers can every make in their life. You tell them if their prospective home is worth the investment and more importantly, if it's safe to live in. You become a part of a very crucial decision that will impact their lives and finances. That's an added incentive for doing something you are paid to do.

We at Internet Training Products, Inc. spend money and time for our study guides.

We work with top industry experts to give you accurate, effective and updated reviewers that are practical and easy to use. You are assured that your Home Inspector Exam Study Guide is a quality product that has all the information you need to pass such a difficult exam.

Don't pass up this chance to zoom to the top of a new, fresh and innovative field!

Click on the order form below and receive your Home Inspector Exam Study Guide, Special Software and your Resource Kit that includes Business Calculators, Ready-Made Business Forms and Sample Business Plans. Although our guide comes with a 60-day money back guarantee to make ordering risk free on your end, we're pretty sure you won't use it because we fully stand by the quality of our product.

We want to be instrumental in helping you reach your dreams. Order our Home Inspector Study Guide today!

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