Contractors Exam Study Guide
The Contractors Exam Study Guide. Our Guide will show you how to pass the NASM Personal Trainer Exam, using our easy step-by-step NASM Personal Trainer Exam Study Guide, without weeks and months of endless studying.

 *** August 1, 2011 The Contractors League is now accepting applications for Agent positions with the Department of Public Works. The vacancies to be filled are General Law Enforcement Grades 5, 7 and 9. ***

If You've Ever Wondered If An Exciting Career As A Contractor Was For You... This Is Your Lucky Day!

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Dear Future Contractor,

Finally, here's the only study guide that's guaranteed to cut your test preparation time in half and enable you to pass the Contractor's Exam with just one take!

Are you tired of filing your $300 application fee only to fail the test because of the tricky questions that you were inadequately prepared for? Are you frustrated at being bombarded with questions related to building and engineering codes that are difficult to understand? Are you angry at the thought of having to go through the whole process again, still unsure of the result? Most important of all, are you afraid of not passing the Contractor's test, not get your license and start a lucrative career or business?

That need not happen. We have the solution you need!

You want to pass the Contractor's Test in one take so that you can get your license, start your career as a contractor or start your own business and make it big in one of the lucrative real estate industries today.

The Internet Training Products, Inc. Contractor's Exam Study Guide is designed to make you pass the exam.

It is a comprehensive guide that will teach you everything you need to know about the contents of the Contractor's test-including the topics on General Building, General Engineering and the 2006 International Building Code. It will give you practice exams that will give you a feel of what the test is like. You will get test tips and strategies so you can breeze through the Contractor test without fear or hesitation. While you may be good at field work, the theoretical interpretation needs to be reviewed and that is why you need our Contractor's Test Guide.

With our Contractor's Study Guide, you will get a painstakingly prepared reviewer from the industry experts. Some of the topics included in this study guide are the following:

  1. The 5 Secret Keys to Contractor's Test Success covering the following topics crucial to passing the test:
    • Time is Your Greatest Enemy
    • Guessing is Not Guesswork
    • Practice Smarter, Not Harder
    • Prepare, Don't Procrastinate
    • Test Yourself
  2. General Test-Taking Strategies that include topics on how to make predictions, benchmarking, validating information, how to avoid "fact traps," milking the question, eliminating answers, reading carefully, identifying context clues and identifying switchback words and hedge phrases.
  3. Comprehensive General Building Exam review including topics on Site Work, Legal History, Physical Characteristics, Soil Development, Load Distribution, Building Construction, Building Foundations, Framing Construction, Ceiling & Floors, Doors & Windows, Roof Construction, Types of Construction, Lighting, Drainage Systems, Fire Protection, Security Systems, Typical Home Construction and New Technology
  4. Comprehensive Law & Business Exam review which include topics in Basic Accounting, Business Organizations, Construction Math, Construction Related Legislation, Contracts & Agreements, Cost Formulas, Drawings & Specifications, Field Administration & Inspection, IBC Sprinkler Requirements, Insurance & Taxes, Mediation/Arbitration, Medical Services and First Aid, OSHA Requirements, Payment Schedule, Professional Responsibilities, Project Financing & Budgeting, Quality Control, Safety and Health Program Guidelines, Scheduling Methods and Technical Specifications

What is the cost of the NASM Personal Trainer Exam Study Guide?

The digital version of our Contractor's Test Study Guide costs only $39.95. If you feel more comfortable studying a real book, just add $14.95 for shipping and handling and we will get the physical version shipped to your address.

Why should you pay $39.95 is for our comprehensive guide? The license fee is $300 per test. With inferior guides or preparing for the exam with no guide at all, that's $300 down the drain! Imagine going through the whole process again and paying the same amount? For $39.95, you get a study guide that covers all the important points for the National Contractor's Examination. For as long as you study it and use it, you save a whole lot of dollars when you pass the exam with just one take!

But here's an even more important reason why you should use our study manual: Being a contractor is a lucrative career. If you decide to run your own business, you stand to make a lot of money if you put the right amount of time and dedication to it. Even if you simply want to work for an already- established employer, you still stand to earn better wages and benefits. But that all starts with passing your contractor's licensing exam.

For only $39.95, you won't have to waste the opportunity to practice the kind of career you want.

Our Contractor's Exam Study Guide comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with our product, just drop us an email within 30 days and we will refund your money. No frills, no hassles, no questions asked. We know that you won't need to use our guarantee but we put it there just the same just so you know that we fully stand behind our products.

But we're not done yet.

Every order of our National Contractor's Exam Study Guide comes with a Free Software and a Resource Kit to help you start your business. This includes Business Calculators, Ready-Made Business Forms and Sample Business Plans.

The National Contractor Exam can be taken anytime provided you schedule in advance.

Thus, the earlier you take and pass it, the sooner you can get started on your new career as a licensed contractor. For only $39.95, you get a readable and easy-to-follow study guide that will help you reach your dreams in a short period of time. Remember that being a building contractor is a very profitable industry. For people who are licensed, there are many employment opportunities so finding work is not a problem. The earlier you get your license, the bigger chunk of the market you are most likely to conquer. Your dream starts when you get your contractor's license and you can only do that with our National Contractor's Exam Study Guide.

Many aspiring building contractors have been on the road you are in now.

They wasted a lot of money purchasing inferior study guides that did not produce the ultimate result they wanted-that of passing the National Contractor's Examination. In addition to the cost of the guide, they wasted $300 on the licensing application fee which had to be given per test. Unsure if the guide they purchased will work for them, they go into the exam full of trepidation. In many cases, inadequate preparation coupled with fear produced failure.

They couldn't pass their exams and as a result could not start their career as building contractors- a career that could give them steady and regular income that they can use for themselves or their families. One frustration led to another until that turned to anger and hopelessness.

This led a lot of them to do a comprehensive search on the best but most affordable Contractor Exam Study Guides in the market. And thankfully, Internet Training Products, Inc. was also on the road to providing many potential contractors with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen field.

The mission of Internet Training Products, Inc. based in Georgia and South Carolina is "To Help Improve The Lives Of Our Customers By Offering The Best Training Materials Necessary For Skill Development and Career Advancement." And this is enshrined in every study guide we release to the market. The Contractor Exam Study Guide is no exception.

The core value of our educational publishing company is to create products that are well-researched, well-written and regularly updated to ensure that you succeed in your chosen field. Your success is our success and because we take pride in ensuring that you succeed in your endeavor, we are sharing our expertise with you through our study guides.

Our Contractor Test Study Guide will help you accomplish these things:

  1. It will help you prepare for the National Contractor Examination in the shortest time possible by letting you understand the concepts in a clear and readily-understandable manner. The wording of the contractor's exam can be tricky at times but our manual will make complicated theory simpler to understand so that you will still answer the question no matter how it is presented.
  2. You will get a comprehensive discussion of the most important concepts that will be included in the exam, including test taking strategies and the Building and Engineering Codes
  3. It will help you pass the exam-provided that you use the guide. You get to understand how to answer questions on estimating, bidding and preconstruction services; project management; project construction and closeout as well as the organizational and financial management of a construction company.

Once you have passed the Contractor's Examination, you will become legally-certified to embark on a new career as a contractor in your state and in other states. You can even start your own home business and with the determination, drive and hard work, you get the chance to make it grow and earn a very lucrative income. You can also work for already-established companies, if you so desire, so you can gain experience and later on venture out on your own.

In a nutshell, passing the Contractor test changes your life-for the better.

When you pass the test, you get the chance to put your entrepreneurial skills in an exciting and relatively young segment of the real estate market. And because you have chosen the career of a contractor, you get to do what you love to do best-build homes, buildings and structures. You make a valuable difference in the lives of people looking to make one of the most expensive investments in their life-that of actually building their own home. You are able to interact with clients and provide advice.

But it's not all field work if you want to start your contracting business. You get to manage the day-to- day aspects of running a business. You work your own hours while earning a decent income as well.

The most fulfilling part of the job is not really the monetary aspect-although the rewards are substantial in this field-but the chance to become an instrumental part of one of the most important decisions people make in their life. In many cases, it's building their home. In others, it's building bridges or roads or commercial buildings. Your job impacts lives-and you want to make sure that you'll make a positive one.

We at Internet Training Products, Inc. spend money and time for our study guides.

We work with top industry experts to give you accurate, effective and updated reviewers that are practical and easy to use. You are assured that your Contractor's Exam Study Guide is a quality product that has all the information you need to pass such a difficult exam.

Don't let the chance of a better career and a more secure future pass you by. Get our no-risk Contractor's Study Guide in digital form for only $39.95 today! Add $14.95 for shipping and handling and we get the physical product shipped to your address as soon as the order is confirmed.

Check it out and if you think it won't help you pass the test, just return it to us in 30 days and we will give you your money back. That's a guarantee we give just to let you know that we fully stand behind our products.

Click on the order form below and receive your Contractor's Exam Study Guide, Special Software and your Resource Kit that includes Business Calculators, Ready-Made Business Forms and Sample Business Plans.

Your future starts right now. Every second you hesitate is an opportunity wasted. Order your Contractor Test Study Guide now and learn the secrets of passing today!

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