Working as Arizona Border Patrol Agent

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Being an arizona border patrol agent is a rewarding and noble career. It gives you the chance to facilitate the travel of people and goods while serving as gatekeepers for the country's lands against terrorists, illegal aliens and contraband. While new hires have to start at the GL-5, GL-7 or GL-9 positions, there are excellent chances for advancement to a higher position for the right candidates. This is because the U.S. Customs and Border Protection is experiencing levels of unprecedented growth as the country beefs up security measures to protect our lands.

There are two arizona border patrol sectors where new hires may be assigned-the Tucson sector and the Yuma sector. The Tucson sector has eight stations and is considered the busiest in the Southwest Border. Apprehensions made here are usually related to illegal aliens and marijuana seizures. It is both a linewatch station that patrols the east and west portions of Sasabe, Arizona and an interior station responsible for vast stretches of Pima County.

The Yuma sector of arizona border patrol, meanwhile, is a fast-growing sector that is responsible for monitoring the southeast corner of the state. It is in-charge of patrolling the 126-mile border of Mexico located in between the Yuma-Pima County Line in Arizona and the Imperial Sand Dunes in California. This includes Yuma, La Paz and Mojave Counties in Arizona as well as the Eastern-most counties of Imperial, Riverside and San Bernardino in California. It is also responsible for the whole of Nevada. There are currently three stations in the Yuma sector: Blythe, Wellton and Yuma.

If you are considering a career as an arizona border patrol agent, the first step to take is to look at yourself and ask if you are willing to work in a challenging environment either by yourself or in teams in keeping our borders safe from illegal and dangerous elements. The work of an agent is physically demanding as it entails hours patrolling the border areas on foot, if necessary. It also involves physical danger as covert operations may also be performed to apprehend illegal aliens who are involved in the smuggling of narcotics and even people into the interior United States. Even traffic checkpoints and routine vehicle checks can become occasions where the lives of innocent bystanders and the agent himself or herself is placed in danger.

That being said, however, the inherently interesting nature of the job of arizona border patrol makes it ideal for those who are so inclined. It involves diplomacy and law and those who want to see these legal theories at work in real life situations will certainly find the job inspiring and stimulating. Besides, the pay and benefits package are competitive enough, giving border patrol agents the chance to work in a stable Federal environment where they can raise their families decently.

If you want to pursue a career as an Arizona border patrol agent, browse the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website for more information. You can also talk to a local border patrol recruiter nearest you (email addresses and phone numbers are also available on the website) and ask questions about the job and the application process.

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