Operations at Border Patrol Tucson

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Border patrol agents are assigned to one of the different sectors in their duty location after graduating from the Border Patrol Academy. There are currently 20 sectors with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. There are border patrol sectors in Blaine, Buffalo, Del Rio, Detroit, El Centro, El Paseo, Grand Forks, Havre, Houlton, Laredo, Marfa, Miami, New Orleans, Ramey, Rio Grande Valley, San Diego, Spokane, Swanton and in Arizona, the sectors of Yuma and border patrol Tucson.

The various sectors perform different kinds of border patrol operations at their duty stations. In sectors close to international boundaries and coast lines, such as those of border patrol Tucson, linewatch operations regularly conducted to ensure that illegal aliens are not able to gain entry or are apprehended before they get far from the border areas. Closely associated with linewatching is signcutting or the close scrutiny of disturbances in the natural terrain that would indicate presence of people, animals or automobiles.

Traffic checkpoints and transportation checks are also performed to ensure that illegal aliens who may have crossed the border are prevented from traveling further inland into the United States and to detect if illegal drugs, narcotics or other contraband are smuggled inside the country. Regular transportation checks are also conducted in buses, trains and aircraft bound for the interior.

There are waterways in the United States and Puerto Rico as well as those common to both U.S. and Canada where border patrol agents also conduct activities from their blue-water crafts and inflatable- hull crafts. In areas not accessible to all-terrain vehicles and automobiles, border patrol agents do operations from horse and bike units.

The busiest sector in the Southwest Border responsible for the protection and integrity of 262 miles of linear border, border patrol Tucson is composed of eight stations made up of 2,900 agents. These are located in Ajo, Casa Grande, Tucson, Nogales, Willcox, Sonoita, Naco, and Douglas. It was set up in 192 only as a support station before it became responsible for 27 miles of international boundary in the 1950s. Currently, it is a linewatch station that patrols the border located east and west of Sasabe, Arizona. Yet, because of its location 68 miles north of the international border, it is also an interior station that protects most of the portions of Pima County. Most of the activity in this sector is related to apprehensions of illegal aliens and seizures of marijuana.

Those who are interested to work as agents for border patrol Tucson may find more information on the application process at the CBP website. You may also email a border patrol recruiter for the Tucson area at tca-recruiter@cbp.dhs.gov for questions and clarifications or call them at 1-866-318-9151 so you can jumpstart the application process.

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