An Introduction to California Border Patrol

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There are two sectors of the california border patrol-the El Centro Sector and the San Diego Sector. Both of these sectors are crucial to the protection of America's borders against illegal migrants from Mexico. If you ever get the chance to work as a border patrol agent and get assigned to any of these two sectors, you're assured that your work days will never be boring.

Geographically speaking the california border patrol sector of San Diego is the smallest. But it is where over 40 percent of the national arrests have taken place. This was because for quite a long number of decades, the over 7,000 square miles and 60 linear miles of international boundary with Mexico was the passageway for illegal immigration. The neighborhoods north and south of the border are highly populated which further compounded the problem. The integrity and safety of the San Diego sector got severely compromised that in 1994, the former Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California and the Executive Officer for Immigration Review launched Operation Gatekeeper to reduce illegal alien traffic in the area. By deploying new personnel, using new equipment and technology and implementing innovative tactics and strategies, the once busy corridor for smuggling and illegal alien trafficking have prosecuted in record numbers those who attempt to cross it illegally.

The San Diego sector of the california border patrol usually patrol the border on foot, horseback or ATV or all-terrain vehicles. The All Terrain Vehicle Unit are able to reach areas like remote canyons, ridges, open fields and grasslands in wet or dry conditions where conventional cars are unable to. They are also able to operate covertly in areas if needed and maintain mobility should that be necessary as well. The San Diego Sector Horse Patrol supports other border patrol agents by overseeing the integrity of areas that are inaccessible to vehicles.

Meanwhile, the El Centro Sector of the california border patrol holds four border patrol stations in El Centro, Calexico, Indio and Riverside. Previously called Mountain Border Guards, this sector was originally formed to take care of anti-smuggling operations happening in the Mexican-US borders. From a crew of 20 officers, it now has hundreds of agents patrolling 71 miles of the country's international border with Mexico from the Jacumba Mountains in the western part to the Imperial Sand Dunes in the eastern portion. It now uses sophisticated tactics, technology and high agent visibility to deter aliens and potential smugglers and terrorists from compromising the security of the nation.

If you are interested in working to for any of the sectors of the california border patrol, you can check the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website for more information about the application process and the exam that applicants will have to take. Alternatively, you can speak with a recruiter of any of the two sectors of the california border patrol for more information on recruitment possibilities.

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