Work Places for Fitness Trainers

Many individuals think that gyms, health clubs and private clients are the only work places for fitness trainers. If that were true, their options would be severely limited which would potentially turn off many from pursuing this career.

However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the demand for fitness workers is expected to rise to 29 percent until 2018 which is faster than average for most occupations. Clearly, if only gyms and health clubs need fitness trainers, the positions would fill up rather quickly. Besides, with the sky-high levels of obesity and the increasing consciousness towards its ill-effects will still spur the continued employment of personal and group trainers and specialists where they are needed. Senior citizens who want to enjoy a better quality of life as they age as well as parents who are increasingly conscious about their children's (especially those who are obese) health will also generate more work opportunities for personal, group and specialist fitness trainers as well.

So, aside from gyms and health clubs, where are the other work places for fitness trainers?

One of the most common services that is increasing in popularity these days is to provide in-home training to clients. Alternatively, you can also train clients in your home if you meet the legal requirements. You will have to invest in your own portable fitness equipment like dumbbells so you will be able to help your clients meet their fitness goals. The good thing about meeting clients in their homes is that you get the flexibility to charge them a bit more to cover your travel expenses. However, you will also have to advertise your services and this may be a risky move on your end if you are still relatively unknown. It would be a good idea to affiliate with a gym or a health club first when you are establishing your reputation first.

You can also consider conquering the world of corporate wellness. Many large companies are now increasingly aware of the effect of fitness to the productivity of their employees. Thus, they are now increasingly in high- demand as corporations offer wellness programs to their employees.

If you like the laid-back atmosphere of resorts and spas, here's good news for you. They are increasingly looking for fitness trainers to teach exercise classes to regular clients in the community, guests and visitors. Trainers who are certified to teach yoga, Pilates and aerobics classes are increasingly in high demand in these places.

For fitness trainers who want to combine travel and work, working in a cruise ship is another option to consider. These luxury ships have a hotel-like ambiance to them and as they look for more ways to provide leisure for their guests, they are hiring fitness trainers to provide group and one-on-one training to their guests.

The ultimate dream for any fitness trainer would be to open your own studio and run your own fitness training center. This is the direction that many would like their career path to take. However, this is best reserved for those who already have sufficient experience to bank on. If you have already established a reputation for yourself and have the capital to open your own studio then opening your own gym may be risky but carries with it the biggest potential for growth and financial rewards.

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