The Job Security and Other Perks that Come with Firefighting

In this volatile, economically unstable world, we are all looking for job security. For those with families or looking forward to starting one, this is one of the best assurances they can get that they will be able to feed and send their children to school, pay for the bills and on the more personal level, advance in their career.

But what profession offers such? Not a lot, especially in the private sector. Even if you are the best in the business, if the company closes, you lose your job along with it. Ten or even twenty years in the profession and you have no security to bank on. Blame the economy, blame yourself, blame the world. That does not change this hard truth.

However, here's a mind-boggling statistic that might want you to reconsider your choice of occupation: Did you know that only 0.3 percent of firefighters lose their jobs? That means that 97.7 percent of them have their positions for life!

Together with their job security, firefighters also enjoy all the perks that come with it. The salary range may not be that lucrative with firemen earning around $50,000 to $60,000 on the average. But the list of benefits make this one of the most rewarding careers. You have hospitalization and medical benefits for yourself and your family, overtime pay and an early retirement plan after 25 years of service. So if you start your career at 25, you will be able to take it easy by the time you're 50, unlike others who have to wait for 10 more years before they can do whatever they want.

But another perk that comes with the job of being a firefighter is the way the work schedule is arranged. In most departments, firefighters work two 24-hour shifts a week. That means 8 days of 24-hour shift duties in a month. Because of this schedule, a firefighter can expect to get 5 days off per week with an additional day off every third week.

The way this work is arranged translates to more time with the family and more hours freed for part-time work for added extra income. Of course, this could also mean whole days when you would miss your baby's first steps or your son's soccer game but it could also mean spending more days with them to compensate for those times when you are on duty.

Aside from the job security and other benefits, perhaps the best perk that comes with the job of being a firefighter is that of actually being able to help people. It's truly a profession that brings out the best in you. After a day of helping people escape a burning fire, caring for their wounds and encouraging their broken spirits, firefighting actually gives you the chance to feel good about yourself. You come home from work knowing that you have done something good for the community and for the people around you. And in this cold, heartless and sometimes cruel world, not a lot of careers offer that chance.

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