How to Become a Fitness Trainer

You see them in exercise workout videos. From aerobics to dance workouts to yoga to Pilates, they are there leading the pack. You also rely on them to teach you how to go about your strength training routine one-on- one when you get a gym membership. And because you love what they do, you're thinking of becoming like one of them: A fitness trainer.

If you have always had a passion for health and wellness and want the chance to motivate and help people lead healthier lives, then you could definitely be a fitness trainer. But those attributes are just the beginning. Ask yourself: Am I patient and nurturing? Do I have good people skills? Can I give continue to encourage people who persist in their bad habits without losing my patience? Do I have it in me to be tough when needed? Am I good listener? Finally, am I organized and analytical enough to handle a class and determine what my students need? If you answer yes to these questions, then that means that you fit the profile of a fitness trainer but that does not end there.

The next step towards becoming a fitness trainer is to get certified by any of the nationally-accredited fitness organizations. A certification is valuable to both you and your clients. It means that you know what you are doing. There will have their own requirements before you can take their certification exam so take the time to know what these are.

After you have gotten a personal trainer certification, which essentially allows you to teach one-on-one or in small group settings, you might want to get further specializations to widen your knowledge and of course, your client base. This also enhances your qualifications so that you can charge fees that are a bit higher than the standard. For example, you could get certified to become a group fitness trainer which will allow you to teach in large group settings. You might also want to get a Clinical Exercise Specialist certification which will give you the chance to work with those who have injuries or other chronic conditions.

Armed with your certifications, you can either do any of these things: 1) Look for a job in a local health club or gym in your area or 2) Start your own business or club. If you opt for the second, you will have to invest a lot of time, effort and a little capital in setting up and marketing yourself and your qualifications. You will have to advertise and get the help of friends and family members to help spread the word.

Continuing training and education is necessary if you want your certification to remain current. This also keeps you abreast with the latest developments in the world of fitness training. If you have established your name and of course, your reputation, as a reliable personal trainer, you can even venture out into consulting, writing and even coaching.

If you are still beginning your foray into the world of fitness training, you are going to find it a bit tough, especially when you are still trying to get certified. But with the right attitude and determination, you can get there and who knows, even be counted among the elite trainers of the stars.

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a Fitness Trainer, then the first step is the AFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Exam Study Guide that walks you through the entire Fitness Trainer hiring process.

For more information, go to our page for the FAFAA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Exam Study Guide.

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