Civil Service Secretary: Getting Along with Your Boss

Congratulations! You've finally aced the Civil Service Secretary Exam, made it through the interviews and passed all the necessary medical and background checks. Now, you're finally a civil service secretary. Like any new employee, you want to make a good impression, especially to your boss who you will be working closely with.

How do you do that?

First of all, make sure that you know your job. When you applied for the position, the job description was listed in the posting. Read that thoroughly and internalize it so that you go into the job prepared knowing what you are supposed to do. This communicates to your boss that you are a professional who can be trusted.

Aside from knowing your job, make sure that you also research about the department or agency you are going to be assigned in. Thanks to the Internet, obtaining this information is easier now. When your boss notices that you are committed to the department, he or she will appreciate your efforts and will be more inclined to promote you as you gain more experience.

During the first few days on the job, you will most likely be given an orientation regarding your work. This will also be a time of adjustment for you as you try to "read" your boss and understand what he or she wants or how he or she wants the job to be done. If you are confused about something or are not quite certain about procedures and protocol, don't hesitate to ask your superior, especially if you're the only secretary assigned to him or her. Once you have received sufficient answers, remember it so that you won't have to ask again another time.

Always follow the employee manual regarding your conduct and dress code in the office. Remember that you want to be noticed for your professionalism and dedication to the job. Dressing the part and doing what is expected of you will help you get noticed.

During times when you're not busy, you can do research and present proposals to your boss regarding how to streamline operations within the office. Of course, this will have to wait when you already have enough experience with the job. Your boss may or may not approve your proposal but it will show to him or her that you are a thinking secretary who is truly dedicated to the job. Pretty soon, he'll be giving you more responsibilities and might even recommend you for a supervisory position.

Don't say no to training and additional education opportunities. This is a common benefit that federal government workers have so take advantage of it. The more education you have, the better your chances of career advancement.

Leave your problems at home at home and show up to work in a positive mood. This will show to your boss and your co-workers that you are easy to get along with and can work well both in a team and on your own. Being grumpy is one of the best ways to put your boss off against you and you don't want that to happen. It also makes you a target for office politics and that's also something you want to avoid especially if you're a newbie. To make sure that you have the right balance, you should also leave problems at work in the office and make your home a sanctuary where your kids and spouse will love going home to because you have time for them.

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a Civil Service Secretary, then the first step is the Civil Service Secretary Exam Study Guide that walks you through the entire Civil Service Secretary hiring process.

For more information, go to our page for the Civil Service Secretary Exam Study Guide.

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