Characteristics of a Successful Electrician

Being an electrician is a lucrative profession. Average earnings range from $18 to $29 per hour, although the more seasoned professionals can earn as much as $38 for an hour's work. With the growth of the population and more houses and other structures to wire combined with new technological developments, employment of electricians is expected to grow by 12 percent until 2018.

But not everyone can become a successful electrician. There are certain characteristics shared by those who have established themselves well in this industry. And if you want to become one of this profession's most lucrative earners, you need to do an honest evaluation of your skills. If you possess these attributes or have the willingness to learn them, you have the potential of becoming a successful electrician.

Aside from having the natural inclination towards all things electrical, future electricians should have exceptional eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity. Installing electrical work is mostly done by the hand and thus possessing exceptional precision and adroitness is crucial. Because electricians often have to classify electrical wires by color, they also need to have good color vision. And since installation of electrical wirings often require traversing in unfinished construction, they also need to have a good sense of balance.

Electricians often have to lift and carry heavy objects and as such, they need to be physically strong and possess endurance as well. Cramped and dirty conditions are not uncommon places that electricians need to work in, so they should be able to handle these environmental conditions. Aside from having physical stamina, potential electricians also need to be precise and specific in their actions. The consequences of a wrong installation could have a dire consequences not only on the structure but on the individuals who occupy the building. When you are an electrician, it's welcome to be a perfectionist.

A licensed electrician should never grow tired of learning. They need to be constantly updated on the changes made to the National Electrical Code. It is also important that they train on safety programs, new systems and technologies. Manufacturers may also sponsor trainings that electricians will benefit from. For electricians to remain effective and knowledgeable with the fast changes in their field, they must love to read and learn new things as well.

Finally, electricians on the job must learn not only to speak English but Spanish as well. Many construction workers only speak Spanish and it is important for those in leadership positions to learn how to speak it. Electricians whose first language is Spanish and want to advance in their careers will need to be very proficient in technical English since classes, electrical instructions and books are given and written in it.

These are the attributes of successful electrical engineers. If you possess these or are willing to learn, you will certainly be able to reach your career goals if you give the right amount of effort, determination and time in your job.

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